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About Howling Pooch Productions

Arne-Christoph Winkler and Oliver Franke had their first professional contact in 1997. Since then they have worked together more frequently as they have found they complemented each others competencies. After a very successful event in 2005 they decided to found Howling Pooch Productions in order to provide clients with high quality, personalized event conceptualisation and production.

Oliver Franke has been working as a professional event manager since 1993. He has worked with numerous local and international artists coordinating and producing concert tours as well as music festivals involving over 80 bands. He was the leading director of the jubilee concert of Udo Jürgens at the open-air stage in Bad Hersfeld, Germany. Oliver Franke has directed several Varieté productions and produced presentations for established car manufacturers.

Arne-Christoph Winkler has been involved in the entertainment industry since 1997. He began as a technician and later became the technical director of a German Varieté– Theatre. He gained most of his knowledge and experience in directing, event management, production and conceptualisation during his international travels. This led to his success as an artistic director in a leading German Varieté– Theatre from 2001 to 2005. During this time, he discovered his strength and passion for conceptualisation and production of individual and exclusive events. Baby At present he finds himself responsible for a wide range of high quality Gala and event productions.

Baby, the blue eyed Australian Shepherd/Border Collie, immigrated from Moab (USA) to Germany in 2001. In 2005 she took the executive decision to pose as a logo model and bring Howling Pooch Productions to the forefront.